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Mocha Cookie Butter Babka


Babka is a rich yeast bread that is similar to a brioche. The cookie butter filling and streusel in this recipe gives it a delicate taste and texture that really complements the sweet, buttery flavors of this amazing dessert!

Also included in the box: A non-stick Silicone Pastry Mat FREE!

Makes 1 loaf | Prep Time: 3.5 hours | Bake Time: 20- 25 Minutes @ 375 F

What's in the Box: Flour (for Babka), Flour (for rolling), Flour (for streusel), Sugar, Sugar (for syrup), Brown sugar, Instant yeast, Instant coffee, Cocoa powder, Vanilla extract, Sea salt, Lotus Biscoff Cookie butter, Lotus Biscoff cookie crumbs, Parchment paper (1)

 Baking Tools Included:  (1) Pastry Mat and 1 BONUS Pastry Brush

Fresh Ingredients Needed:  Eggs (2), Butter, Milk

Equipment Needed: Mixing Bowl, Electric Stand or Hand Mixer.