Hazelnut Coffee Cream Swiss Roll

Silicone Swiss Roll Pan Included?

Light, fluffy, sponge cake is filled with a tasty coffee whipped cream, chocolate-hazelnut spread and crunchy, buttery bits of toasted hazelnuts and toffee!

Makes 1 Swiss Roll | Prep Time: 30 minutes | Bake Time: 8 Minutes @ 400° F

What's in this Box: Flour; Cornstarch; Baking Powder; Sugar; Sunflower Oil; Hazelnut Liqueur; Vanilla Extract; Instant Coffee; Icing Sugar (For Dusting); Icing Sugar (For Whipped Cream); Hazelnut Spread; Callebaut Praline Grains; Cookies (For Garnish); Espresso Beans; Piping Bags (1); Parchment Paper (1)

Fresh Ingredients Needed:Eggs (3); Whipping Cream; Hot Water

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