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About The Innocent  Baker

Can You Relate...

Have you ever wanted to bake but found yourself missing that ONE ingredient that could make it happen? Have ever gotten excited about a recipe only to get disappointed with the complicated directions and lack-luster results? Have you ever wanted to try a recipe that called for a small amount of an unusual ingredient but found that getting said ingredient was not worth the time,, money and effort? If your answer to any of these questions is YES, then The Innocent Baker is for you! 

Why We Do What We Do

Our goal here at The Innocent Baker is to curate and educate. We want to help you get fantastic results 100% of the time. That is why our team works tirelessly to bring you delicious recipes that are easy-to-follow but promise to deliver a mouth-watering experience for you and yours to enjoy.   

What This Means for You...

Now with The Innocent Baker, you can spend less time completing dreary baking tasks like finding ingredients, measuring, and cleanup. Here's to spending more time creating joyful memories with your friends, family or that special someone, every single month. 

What Happens Now?

Make the choice today to bake something good. Subscribe to The Innocent Baker and start baking delicious treats with ease! With our simple instructions and pre-measured gourmet ingredients ramp up your baking with The Innocent Baker by your side!

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