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Mini Layered Carrot Cakes

To compliment spring and the upcoming Easter season, we have a moist, spiced carrot cake covered in colorful buttercream flowers.

Baking Time:

30 Minutes

Prep Time:

30 Minutes

Serving Size:

~ 6 Mini Layer Cakes

What's in the Box?



Spice Mix

Sea Salt


Applesauce Cup

Sunflower Oil

Sugar Pearls

Flaked Coconut

Icing Sugar

Baking Soda

Baking Powder

Parchment Paper (1)

Plastic Wrap Sheet (1)

Piping Bags (3)

Blue Food Coloring

Pink Food Coloring

Green Food Coloring

What Are People Saying?

Daniel Wepf

Brampton, Ontario

This is such a delicious kit, I'm in love! The cake is so good, that it doesn't even need the icing! I like how complex the flavor is. It's not just carrot cake... it's a fancy carrot cake! I'm a new baker, so this box DEFINITELY made me look good to my friends! Will definitely purchase again!

Nancy Green

Fergus, Ontario

The kids had a great time creating the colored icing! This cake is so moist! They make a really great addition to a party. We brought this kit to a dinner party, and we were able to create the dessert and eat is once dinner was done. Such a fun activity that all could participate in.

Lauren Wu

Red Deer, Alberta

We love baking, and wanted to try something new. The carrot cake that we made with the kit was really good. I will definitely purchase it again because it was easy to use, and it was delicious! Looking forward to seeing what new releases are on the horizon!

Evi Kalemi

Vancouver, British Colombia

The Innocent Baker is a staple when the grandkids come over. I love to bake, and this is a fun activity that we do whenever they come over. The carrot cake was extra fun to make because the kids were super excited to get decorating. Between the two of them, they ate all 6 cakes!!!!!!

Here's What You'll Need:

Two (2) Eggs

1lb of Carrots


Whipping Cream

Look At Your Baking Tools!

One (1) Set of Cookie Cutters

One (1) Set of Russian Piping tips

Get Started Baking Your Layer Cakes Today!