Chocolate Babka

Picture a sweet, buttery brioche dough with ribbons of fudgy chocolate running through it and you’ve got this recipe! Topped with a streusel and orange glaze. It’s one decadent dessert!

Makes 1 loaf | Prep Time: 3.5 hours | Bake Time: 20- 25 Minutes @ 375 F

What's in the Box: Flour (for Babka), Flour (for rolling), Sugar, Sugar (for syrup), Icing sugar, Instant yeast, Cocoa powder, Vanilla extract, Sea salt, Parchment paper (1), Pastry Mat (1), Pastry Brush & Recipe Card.

Fresh Ingredients Needed:  Eggs (2), Butter, Milk

Equipment Needed: Mixing Bowl, Cooling Rack, Electric Stand or Hand Mixer.

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