Spring Chocolate Nest Cupcakes

Add 12 x silicone cupcake molds + star piping tip?

Spring is right around the corner and we have the perfect treat for the whole family to make and enjoy!!

This kit features:

🧁  Our favourite vanilla cupcake! Soft, moist and delicious!

🧁 TWO yummy colourful flavours of fluffy buttercream, matcha (green) and hibiscus (pink), for those pretty pastel spring colours we all know and love!

🧁  The topping is a crispy chocolate nest made with Callebaut milk chocolate, pretzels, shredded wheat cereal and toasted coconut and filled with Cadbury mini eggs.

🧁  Optional baking tools: A set of colourful silicone cupcake baking cups and a star piping tip. 

These cupcakes are fun and colourful and kids will love making and eating them!

 ⭐️ Pre-ordering is now open!  This is a limited edition kit, only available while supplies last!  

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